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Trade is almost as old as mankind. With the development of man, trade has grown from exchanging products between people on a one-to-one basis, to an impersonal exchange of enormous quantities of product between the various continents. We began our journey in 2016 and we building our brands to become identical with our main values of responsiveness to the increasing need and demand for quality products and services in the different sectors of Ghana's vibrant economy. 


Our Company Tiwala Markt Company Limited (TMCL) formed in November 2016. Based on the staff’s years of experience, the company Tiwala Markt Company Limited is going through some important changes; trading with international companies in Pakistan, Brazil, UK, India, USA, UAE, Spain, Russia and Togo to sell their products in the Ghanaian and West African market.

Tiwala Markt Company Limited (TMCL) is a limited liability company registered under the laws and code of Ghana and covers a lot of business areas as requested by our clients. Tiwala Markt Company Limited (TMCL) is now well suitable to providing numerous services to the Ghanaian market, West African industry as well as the international community.


Tiwala Markt  is the major supplier of Brand Tiwala Rice to over 16 African Countries with its official Office in Togo serving most Francophone countries and its neighbors. Tiwala Markt through its global influence partners with major traders and distributors West Africa.

Tiwala Markt Company Limited (TMCL) will take advantage of the significant market opportunity available in the areas of General Trading (Mainly Commodities like Sugar, Rice, Cooking Oil, Frozen and Canned Fish, Agricultural products, Petroleum), Mining Services, Electricals, Import and Export.

The company will partner international companies or businesses that are willing to establish in the Ghanaian market which is rapidly growing.

At Tiwala Markt Company Limited (TMCL), we depend on our staff’s existing collective reputation into long-term contracts, centered on excellent services and cost effectiveness. We believe that we can service this limited market better, and have better service packages at a more reasonable cost than competitors.


• Provide quality service and products that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers and clients.

• To be referred as the most favourable company in the trading industry.


    Mission Statements

• To build a solid long term relationship with our customers and clients.

• To provide exceptional customer service by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

• We are committed to provide at the right time at the right place with zero tolerance.


• Regional expansion in our field of operation and developing of a strong customer base.

• Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services, to build a very good reputation    in our field of operation and become a key player in the industry.

   Core Value

• We believe in dealing with our customers with respect and faith.

• We grow through creativity and innovation.

• We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business operations.

• We are keen to the maintenance of existing contracts.

   Company Strategy

• Purpose: to be a leader in the Commodity Trading industry (Mainly Commodities like Sugar, Rice, Cooking Oil, Fish,        Agricultural products, Petroleum), Mining Services, Electricals, Import and Export industry by providing enhanced services,    relationship and profitability.

BOX CS 9018 Tema, Ghana

2nd Floor, Barclays Bank Building, Coastal Junction, Spintex RD, Accra

+233 20 8554474 / 0303936676



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